The Rewilding Institute

PO Box 13768

Albuquerque, NM 87192

Domestic Biodiversity

Grant History

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The Rewilding Institute received funding to turn their website,, into an on-line publication called Rewilding Earth, and to expand their outreach through public talks and audio communications. Hearkening back to Wild Earth magazine, launched and edited by two of their team, they will share rewilding success stories and lessons from throughout the world, but will focus largely on the steps needed to restore and protect North America’s natural heritage, terrestrial and aquatic. Rewilding Earth will serve grassroots conservation groups advocating for wild places and creatures by addressing the human overpopulation crisis; reforming wildlife and land management agencies; restoring apex carnivores and other keystone species; expanding and linking Wilderness Areas, National Parks, and other protected areas; providing financial incentives for conservation of wildlife and forests on private lands; putting a price on carbon; and promoting wildlands philanthropy. Rewilding Earth will profile big ideas and grand visions, including Nature Needs Half and Continental Wildways.